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【Bamboo dinnerware】 Bamboo fiber tableware set for children, split plate, bamboo fiber bowls recommended

Jul 29,2023 | shopwithgreen

Commodity information:

Product name: Bamboo fiberChildren's tableware set

Product material:Natural bamboo fiber

Product features:Safe, fall-resistant, heat-insulating, light and easy to clean

Product temperature resistance: -10°c~110°C

New favorite & cartoon shape, natural bamboo fiber compartmentalated children's dinner plate set. Six highlights: natural bamboo powder synthesis,Europe and AmericaSafety standards, scientific capacity, smooth and easy to clean, not easy to scratch the baby, can be buried compost.

For baby's tableware, we put safety first, using naturally grown bamboo and grinding into powder as the main material.

The grid design, the capacity is scientific and reasonable, the meat and vegetables are packed without flavor, and the nutrition mix is more balanced.

Cute and interesting styling, mother strictly controls and optimizes, cute and cute styling, promotes the baby's appetite.

Widen the edge, the end is convenient to prevent hot, the edge of the bowl is widened, and it is more convenient to move.

Smooth and round, not easy to scratch the baby, smooth and round and easy to clean, even if it is broken, it is not easy to break, and will not cause harm to the baby.

It can be buried compost, and fragments can be decomposed by buried compost or buried to reduce pollution to the earth.

How to choose reassuring Bamboo dinnerware

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