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[How to choose children's tableware]Choose a children's plate to see these points, so that you don't waste a penny money.

Jul 18,2023 | shopwithgreen

Children must pay attention to the tableware they use to eat.You should do your best. Well, many friends asked me, how to choose the child's tableware? Today, we can start from the following aspects to ensure that you can choose suitable and healthy tableware.

I: Pay attention to the heat resistance of the plate

First of all, we should pay attention to the heat resistance of the tableware. For example, for example, freshly prepared food is put into the plate. If the heat resistance is poor, the plate will be very hot, but if the heat resistance is good, this will not happen. Even if it is hot, it is only the inner wall heat, and the outer temperature is acceptable

This can also effectively place the case of scalding during the meal. Of course, it is better to wait for the temperature of the food to drop before putting it in the tableware, but we also need to just in case!

Be likeWheat straw tableware.Tables made of silicone, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and other materials have good heat resistance. Compared with plastics with poor heat resistance, it is recommended to choose the above materials.


Two: Pay attention to the insulation of the plate

Many children have to spend half an hour after eating a meal. It can be imagined that the meal is no longer very hot. After all, when it is served, it is in a state of being able to eat. After waiting for half an hour, it can only be cold and transparent.

Therefore, in terms of thermal insulation, mothers should pay attention to it. We can choose some tableware with good thermal insulation to keep the food warm at all times.

III: Understand the appearance and decoration of the plate

As a mother, when choosing children's things, she can't help but choose those lovely things for him. Even if he is a baby boy, he thinks that he should use some lovely tableware. In fact, another advantage of this kind of tableware is that it can attract the baby's attention and help them accept food faster.

How to choose reassuring children's tableware

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