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【Household cutlery】These tableware are not expensive, but they can improve the quality of life several times.

Aug 20,2023 | shopwithgreen

Today, I want to talk to you about the happiness brought by tableware.

I don't know if you will have such a cognitive misunderstanding-beautiful tableware is used for posing, not for daily use.

We often feel that the pictures taken by those food bloggers only exist in food shooting, and it is time-consuming to practice them in real life.

That was not the case. I used to have such a wrong idea, and it took me two years to correct it.

I lived with my parents before I became an independent family, and the tableware was basically decided by their purchase.

The tableware of ordinary families is generally the simplest ceramics and stainless steel. They have no design of shape and color, but at most they are sketches of blue and white porcelain styles.

Such tableware, of course, also has the traditional aesthetic feeling and family warmth, but the design of most of these tableware is really tacky.

When I started my own life, I bought tableware. I also "inherited" this aesthetic and think that tableware is not particularly important, as long as it is practical.

Because of work reasons, I often have to buy beautiful tableware for shooting, but I must say that at first, I completely divided the tableware used for shooting in the studio and the tableware used by myself into two concepts.

When choosing shooting tableware, I will take into account its design details, aesthetic color and different styles.

But as soon as I wanted to buy my own tableware, my thinking changed back-the same question I said at the beginning, I always felt that those beautiful tableware only existed in shooting.

But since these two years, I have been slowly trying to change the tableware used at home into something more beautiful and exquisite. I found that this practice really brought not only a superficial change of "food photos look better", but more importantly, it brought me a happy mood.

Sometimes I feel that without these beautiful tableware, I can imagine how I would scribble this meal. I must have put the soup in a random small bowl, and the bread was put directly in the original packaging bag to grab and eat, and I might even eat all the crumbs on the table, and then I hurried to fix it and clean it up.

But with beautiful tableware, I will begin to conceive how to set the plate, and I will have a better sense of ritual and good mood when eating, and my attitude towards eating will be more calm.

Don't think these are time-consuming. In fact, with beautiful tableware at home, such a leisurely and exquisite breakfast will not take any time at all, and it will also bring you a good mood in the morning.


Don't think how tall the photos taken by those bloggers are. The fact is that as long as you carefully choose good-looking tableware, you don't need too much delicious food or a beautiful background, you can take very emotional photos.

What's more, it can also give you a better mood for eating.

As long as the tableware is well chosen, you can eat warm and advanced feeling when eating instant noodles.

I don't want to make do with it in the instant noodle bucket anymore!

There is also fruit. Don't say that daily life is too busy. Relax when you have leisure. Cut yourself a plate of fruit and put it on a beautiful plate. It's also a way to breathe and relax ~

Speaking of which, I used to make yogurt cereal from the bowl I ate at home. But after I bought a nice bowl to put it in, I really felt that the mood of eating was different!


Where do you find these tableware? Nordic style, Japanese style, traditional ceramic style, log style ... There are many styles to choose from in the current market. You just need to buy it according to your own ideas and aesthetics, and then you will slowly find the feeling.

Today, I will recommend three kinds of tableware to you, all of which I love to use recently. They are European in style and relatively simple. This style of tableware is most suitable for students who are "beginners". It doesn't take much effort to match and it doesn't take too much time to choose tableware. Basically, it looks good to grab any one.

These beautiful kitchen utensils, the interest they add to life and the good mood they bring, make me feel worthy of starting. Recommended purchase address: