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[Wheat straw tableware]Introduction to biodegradable straw environmental protection tableware

Jul 16,2023 | shopwithgreen

Biodegradable straw environmentally friendly tableware, also known as“Plant fiber environmentally friendly tableware”It takes wheat straw, rice husk straw, corn straw, reed stalk and other natural regenerative straw fibers as the main raw materials. It adopts a new process of straw fiber extraction, and through grinding into powder, high-temperature molding, fine polishing and other processes, the crop straw is made into beautiful and practical straw environmental protection tableware.

Advantage 1: Green, environmentally friendly and degradable

The raw materials of the products are all natural plants. They are naturally disinfected at high temperature in the production process. There is no pollution from waste liquid, harmful gases and waste residue in the production process. After use, it is buried in soil and naturally degraded into organic fertilizer in 3 months. The product meets the national environmental protection and hygiene requirements.

Advantage 2: Eliminate“Pollution from plastic bags, etc”

The cost of biodegradable raw materials is much lower than the price of plastics. Disposable straw environmentally friendly tableware can completely replace disposable plastic tableware, solving the serious white pollution and damage caused by plastic waste to the natural and ecological environment.

Advantage 3: Save resources and protect the environment

Wheat, corn, cotton and cotton straw are inexhaustible and inexhaustible, which not only saves non-renewable oil resources, but also saves wood and food resources. At the same time, it also effectively alleviates the serious pollution caused by the burning of abandoned crops in farmland.

WheatStraw eco-friendly tablewareWhat are the products?

Product 1: WheatStraw antibacterial vegetable board for straw

  1. After the authoritative testing and certification of the International SGS and the National Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, it does not contain plasticizers, bisphenol A, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other chemicals that are harmful to the human body;
  2. The raw materials of the product are extracted naturally without adding any artificial colors to ensure food safety;
  3. Using natural straw fiber raw materials, in the hot pressing process, high density and high hardness, can be heated in a microwave oven without immersion, effectively preventing the breeding of bacteria;
  4. Effectively prevent the cutting board from cracking and deformation, it is not easy to leave knife marks in use, and no fine chips will be generated;
  5. It is not easy to get oily and easy to clean;
  6. It can be biodegradable and turned into fertile soil, so that resources can be recycled to avoid traditional deforestation and chemical pollution;
  7. It presents the primary color of natural straw, with a light natural aroma, returning to nature and originating from the original;
  8. Simplicity without losing the sense of design, presenting natural primary colors, adding color to life.

Product 2: WheatStraw children's tableware

  1. The manufacturing material is made of natural straw fiber, which is light and textured. It does not contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium. It is safe, non-toxic and odorless, and will not emit harmful substances when boiled at high temperature;
  2. The plate has three compartments, which can allow the baby to better distinguish food. Anti-skid and anti-scalding, convenient for the baby to use, can exercise the baby's self-active hand ability;
  3. A tableware that allows babies to learn to eat independently, which is environmentally friendly and convenient. The unique ear design is convenient for the baby to grasp and exercise the baby's ability to eat independently;
  4. When discarding, burying the tableware under the soil can be naturally degraded and will not pollute the environment.

Product 3: WheatStraw household tableware.

  1. It does not contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury, with zero pollution to the environment and zero worries about health. It presents the original color of natural straw, with a light natural aroma, returning to nature and originating from the original;
  2. Turn the straw into usable straw fiber through physical methods, which does not contain chemical additives such as plasticizers, formaldehyde and other toxic substances that are harmful to health;
  3. High-temperature hot pressing physical process creates high density and high hardness, strong and durable, not afraid of falling, can withstand -30℃-120℃The temperature can be heated in a microwave oven;
  4. It has good degradation performance and does not pollute the environment.

Product 4: WheatStraw eco-friendly water cup

  1. The main material of this cup is the straw in our life, which does not contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium and nickel;
  2. Natural material selection is degradable, which can contribute to the protection of the environment;
  3. It can be used for drinking water, drinks, coffee, milk, etc. When pouring hot water, the water cup has a faint smell of wheat, as if you are in the wheat field and feel the taste of nature;
  4. Strong and durable, beautiful and fashionable, easy to use, integrated molding, smooth design, lovely appearance, the best choice for both environmental protection and health.

Product 5: WheatStraw kitchen supplies for straw

Straw kitchen utensils have the advantages of good strength, pure natural, and degradable in the natural environment. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, harmless, oil-resistant, environmentally friendly, tasteless and non-permeable, high temperature resistance without deformation, anti-oxidation, toughening and good expansion.

Product 6: WheatStraw eco-friendly chopsticks

  1. Antibacterial and antibacterial. The chopsticks are delicate in texture, fashionable and stylish, and effective in antibacterial and antibacterial.
  2. Reasonable design. The front circle and the rear are ergonomic and comfortable to hold.
  3. Easy to rinse. The surface is smooth, not easy to stick to sticky food, and easy to clean.
  4. Exquisite packaging. The outer box packaging is simple and stylish, bringing health to everyone you love.

Product 7: WheatStraw disposable lunch box for stalk

The product uses crop straw as the main raw material to extract biomass fiber by special bioenzyme method, and uses molding technology to produce straw disposable lunch boxes to replace plastic products.

Product 8: WheatStraw disposable dinner plate for straw

“Pollution-free, natural and environmentally friendly”The straw disposable environmentally friendly dinner plate smells a faint smell of straw, as if it were in the wheat field, breathing the breath of nature, returning to nature and originating from the original. Disposable plates made of straw as raw materials are healthy, environmentally friendly, green and hygienic.

Product 9:Straw disposable water cup for straw

The straw disposable water cup is not whitened and bleached. The water cup does not contain fluorescent substances, dioxins and other harmful substances, which fully meets the hygiene standards. No bleaching, healthier; sterile, dustless, cleaner; non-wood fiber, more environmentally friendly; natural straw, degradable.

[How to choose reassuring wheat straw tableware]

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