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[Wheat straw tableware]WheatStalks remaining after threshingTablewarePractical and environmentally friendly, come and have it.

Jul 16,2023 | shopwithgreen

Reason for purchase:

Recently, I came home and found that there were not many bowls at home, so I needed to buy a wave. Considering that the ceramic bowl is easy to break, I bought this bowl made of wheat straw, which is not only cheap, but also very practical. The most important thing is that its materials are natural and healthier, and it can effectively use materials such as straw, which saves resources and contributes to environmental protection.


The blue of this bowl is light blue, which makes him look more at home. There are some small dots on it, and it has a more rustic feeling.

Product features:

This small bowl is made of wheat straw, the material is pure natural, and the PP material makes you feel more assured. The bottom of the bowl is designed with a non-slip design, so that you can put it on the table without fear of falling off.

Usage experience:

This bowl is just right for drinking soup. It is very convenient to hold soup at ordinary times, and the heat insulation performance is also very good. It won't feel hot in your hand. His size is very comfortable to hold in your hand. At the same time, he used the wheat straw waste that should have been discarded to save resources more effectively and protect the environment.

I think environmental protection is to pay attention to all aspects of life. Only when everyone makes a contribution can we live a healthier life.

[How to choose reassuring wheat straw tableware]

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