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【Bento box】I went through the whole market and finally knew what it was.Easy-to-use bento box

Jul 20,2023 | shopwithgreen

Recently, a friend asked me to recommend an easy-to-use bento box, which is a little unexpected, because according to my understanding, as long as the bento box can be taken into account.“Capacity”Give“Artistic”These two characteristics are good, and the rest are just flashy gimmicks.

 Recently, a friend asked me to recommend an easy-to-use bento box, which is a little unexpected, because according to my understanding, as long as the bento box can be taken into account.“Capacity”Give“Artistic”These two features are good. The rest of the design is just a flashy gimmick, but the requirements of fans are very high, especially for those female fans who enter the workplace. They especially want me to recommend a bento box with many advantages such as good-looking, strong portability, convenient cleaning, etc., so I visited it all over. Small household appliance market and various e-commerce platforms, see if you can find the so-called“Easy-to-use bento box”?

Only after a deep understanding of the bento box market can I gradually understand how reasonable the demands of bento boxes are made by female fans in the workplace. Good-looking means that the bento box will not look uncoordinated in the office, but also highlight the temperament of the owner. To some extent, a good-looking bento box can even In order to“Office decoration.”There is no need to say more about the excellent heating. This is a bento box.“Basic cultivation”One, if you eat a non-hot bento, you will have a stomachache; strong portability means that the bento box can be placed in the bag at will without worrying about scratching the interior of the bag; easy cleaning means that the bento box should not have too many fancy hanging decorations, and the appearance must be followed.“Concise”The design language.

After an in-depth analysis of the fans' demands, I finally found the most suitable one for women in the workplace.“Easy-to-use bento box”It can be called an office worker.“BeltRice artifact”TaxiShopwithgreenLunch bento box.

Simple and light luxury appearance designShopwithgreenThe bento box not only maintains a certain appearance, but also is very conducive to cleaning. In addition to the magnetic suction lock buckle used to fix the lid of the box, you can't see any extra pendants. The round shape is also very convenient to carry, and you are no longer afraid that the bento box will scratch the expensive bag.

Not only that, the friendliness to female users isShopwithgreenCompanyTraditional, the easy-to-wash feature of this bento box is the representative of this tradition.ShopwithgreenCompanyDue to its tight design, internal and external isolation, and safe material, the bento box realizes the convenience of the whole body washable, allowing female users to liberate the labor force again and more flexibly control their time at noon.

ShopwithgreenThe bento box has many advantages enough for me to recommend it to fans. If you buy it and experience it, there are hidden breathable holes, removable partitions and other small surprise designs waiting for you to dig. It is only after visiting the whole market that you know that onlyShopwithgreenThe bento box is called the real bento box, and it is called the real one.“Easy-to-use bento box”。

How to choose a safe bento box

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