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[Children's tableware]Choose children's tableware, please remember 8 o'clock

Jul 20,2023 | shopwithgreen

Starting from adding supplementary food to the child, the mother should do it.Prepare a set of children's tableware. The baby has his own cutlery, which can not only cultivate his hands-on eating ability, but also enhance the baby's interest in eating. There are many kinds of children's tableware on the market, so what kind of tableware is the most suitable?

Precautions for choosing cutlery

  1. Tableware material

When choosing tableware for your child, you need to consider the material of the tableware first. Whether the tableware material is safe and whether the material is light and fall-resistant needs to be considered in advance. The common tableware materials on the market are plastic, stainless steel, ceramics,Wheat straw tableware.There are also some wood or glass materials. Considering that children's tableware is often dropped, it also needs to be disinfected at high temperature, so it is best to choose tableware that is safe, lightweight and resistant to high temperature.

  1. Product function

Children's tableware is different from the tableware used by adults in daily life. Considering that children may still learn to use tableware, children's tableware will have auxiliary functions. For example, the bottom of the bowl has a suction cup, so that the bowl can be adsorbed on the table, and the baby will not turn over the bowl. There are also children' Some children's tableware will design some interesting but impractical functions, and may divert the child's attention from eating, so when choosing tableware for the baby, mothers should still buy it according to whether it is suitable for the child.

  1. Tableware color

Colored tableware may endanger children's health, because the main raw material of the inner drawing of the tableware is colored glaze, and the lead content in the colored glaze is high. Once such tableware is used to contain acidic food, the lead in the colored glaze will be dissolved and absorbed by children together with food. If children are more interested in brightly colored tableware, it is better to choose the bright color on the outside and transparent on the inside in contact with the food.

  1. Tableware shape

Children's tableware is designed for children, and many details are designed for the convenience of children. For example, children's rice bowls will be equipped with handles, which are convenient for children to hold. If the child's palm mastery is not very good, it is best to choose bowls and spoons with special corners to make it easier for children to spoon food.

Which tableware is not suitable for babies?

The most basic configuration of a child's set of tableware is bowls and spoons. Some tableware are not suitable for babies who have not yet developed mobility. These tableware will not only affect children's interest in eating, but also pose a threat to children's safety.

  1. Adult tableware

Some parents will take the ordinary adult tableware at home for their babies to save trouble. But in fact, this kind of tableware is designed for adults. Whether it is size or weight, it is not suitable for children. In addition, the child's immune system is not fully developed, and the resistance is relatively poor. If you share the tableware with adults, it is also more likely to infect adult diseases.

  1. The size is not suitable.

It is difficult for children's small hands to control oversized tableware. If the size is too small, the food is easy to spill out, which is not convenient for children to eat, so the bowls and spoons of inappropriate size are not suitable for children. Children who don't use their hands for a long time are also easy to lose interest in eating.

  1. 3. Sharp cutlery

If the cutlery is too sharp, once the child falls or uses it improperly, this kind of tableware may hurt the child. For example, stainless steel forks, sharp bowls and spoons with rough edges, all of which have hidden dangers. Therefore, choose forks and spoons for younger babies, and you can choose those with softer ends, which can not only protect the child's mouth, but also avoid accidental injury.

How to choose reassuring wheat straw tableware

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