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Is Wheat Straw Dinnerware Easy to Wash?

Aug 18,2022 | shopwithgreen

Lunch boxes are particularly useful for office employees. They are used to transport meals from home to the office to eat, which can solve the problem of lunch and prevent eating unhealthy takeaways every day. However, once the lunch box has been filled with food, it will definitely turn greasy, so it is critical to select a clean lunch box. So, is the wheat straw lunch box easy to clean, and how do you clean it if it gets oily?

  • Is it easy to clean wheat straw dinnerware?

The wheat straw dinnerware is one-piece hot-pressed, with a high density and impermeability that makes it difficult to conceal dirt. It's relatively simple to clean. It is identical to the dinnerware we normally use. Simply wash it soon after each use, and it will remain very clean. Warm water can be used to clean it more thoroughly. It should be noted that once the wheat straw tableware has been used, it cannot be preserved for cleaning the following time, making washing difficult regardless of the material of the dinnerware.Is it easy to wash the wheat straw dinnerware with oil?

As long as the wheat straw tableware is cleaned in a timely manner, oil stains are easily removed. Use hot water to wipe the oil marks and avoid burning your hands. It will be washed if you add some detergent and then wash it. It's relatively clean, and the oil stains are easily removed.

  • What should I do if my wheat straw tableware becomes oily and difficult to clean?

Wheat straw dinnerware becomes oily, and there are numerous oil stains. Cleaning with detergent alone is not always easy. We can clean it using other approaches at this time. To clear oil stains, mix an appropriate amount of baking soda with hot water to fully dissolve the baking soda, then soak the greased wheat straw dinnerware in baking soda water. Soak it for 10 minutes, then add an adequate amount of detergent and clean it; the oil will be swiftly rinsed away. Then, rinse it with clean water and leave it in a cool, well-ventilated area to dry.