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Is Wheat Straw Dinnerware Safe to Use?

Aug 25,2022 | shopwithgreen

Dinnerware is necessary instruments for eating. There are numerous materials available on the market for plates and bowls. One of the most common dinnerware is made of wheat straw, however many people are unfamiliar with wheat straw dinnerware. So, are the wheat straw plates and wheat straw bowls safe, and can they put out hot things?

  • What is wheat straw?

Wheat straw is the matured stem and leaf part of wheat, that is, the part of wheat that remains after the wheat is harvested. Wheat straw is a multi-purpose renewable natural biological resource with the main components cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and so on, with cellulose and lignin content ranging from 30% to 40%, while cellulose and lignin and hemicellulose are important substances for making dinnerware. As a result, wheat straw may be used to manufacture tableware, particularly disposable wheat dinnerware, with no chemical additions, using only wheat straw and plant starch, which is very healthful and environmentally beneficial.

  • Is dinnerware made of wheat straw safe?

Dinnerware made of wheat straw is likewise formed of wheat straw, but some fusion agent must be added during the manufacturing process to make the dinnerware washable, resistant to falling, and reusable. Qualified wheat straw bowls and chopsticks have a slight wheat aroma. Wheat straw is pulverized and milled into fine powder, and then plant starch, water, and some fusion agent PP are added, and then made by high temperature hot pressing, different molds are pressed into varied forms. Dinnerware that is shaped. The fusion agent is constructed of food-grade PP that is compliant with national requirements. Dinnerware made of wheat straw is safer and healthier than traditional plastic dinnerware, and it may be partially biodegraded, so conserving resources. It is a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly dinnerware.

  • Can wheat straw plates and wheat straw bowls put out hot things?

Wheat straw dinnerware is free of heavy metals and can tolerate cold and heat. The bowls and chopsticks made of wheat straw are resistant to cold at minus 20 degrees and may be stored in the refrigerator without issue. As a result, wheat straw plates and bowls can be utilized to dissipate heat without creating hazardous compounds. It is also safe to use for meals and may be relied on.

  • How to choose dinnerwaremade of wheat straw?
  1. When purchasing wheat straw plates and bowls, consider their appearance, if the surface of the bowl is smooth and free of cracks, and whether it is safe to lay the bowl on a flat surface. In addition, keep the hue of the plates and  bowls consistent.
  2. When purchasing wheat straw plates and bowls, you should also smell them. There should be no strange odors, let alone plastic odors, but only a faint wheat odor. Soak the bowls and plates made of wheat straw in hot water to enhance the aroma of wheat.
  3. When purchasing plates and bowls made of wheat straw, consider the thickness of themb. Choose thicker bowls and plates that are more sturdy, resistant to dropping, and less easily broken, and have a superior anti-scalding function.
  4. When purchasing plates and bowls made of wheat straw, consider the substance as well. It is safer to use food-grade materials, such as wheat straw material combined with food-grade PP.

In brief, as long as the dinnerware made of wheat straw is certified by a reputable manufacturer, it is safe and can survive high temperatures of 120 degrees. Exothermic objects are not an issue, and no dangerous compounds will be precipitated. Wheat straw dinnerware is a new style of environmentally friendly and healthful dinnerware that is also extremely wonderful for eating.