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[Wheat Straw Tableware] Is the wheat straw children's tableware good and safe?

Jul 14,2023 | shopwithgreen

This paper mainly introduces the knowledge and experience about the safety of wheat straw tableware. I hope these experience and knowledge can help you.

1、Is net red wheat straw tableware really environmentally friendly and easy to use?? Formaldehyde free? True or false?

2、How about children's tableware with wheat straw?Is it safe?

3、Can wheat tableware meet high temperature?

4、Is the so-called zero formaldehyde wheat straw tableware really healthy?

5、Advantages of using wheat straw tableware?

6、How to choose the reliable wheat straw tableware?


First, [Is the net red wheat straw tableware really environmentally friendly and easy to use? Formaldehyde free? True or false]

Online celebrity wheat straw trapped jujube straw tableware is really quite environmentally friendly, and there is no formaldehyde. However, it should be noted that it is not safe to buy it in a regular sail shop, otherwise it is not safe to buy a fake one. In fact, this kind of tableware is still relatively ring-shaped, and it is formaldehyde-free, so it can be used with confidence, because the relevant institutions have done some experiments and it is harmless. Net red wheat straw tableware is really environmentally friendly and easy to use. It is true that this product was originally designed for environmental protection without formaldehyde.

Wheat straw tableware does have good environmental protection, and high temperature will not produce harmful substances, mainly because of the advantages of wheat straw tableware itself. The main components of wheat straw are cellulose, lignin, protein and some minerals. However, because this is a new material, and it is also a new manufacturing process when it is put into use in tableware, it is impossible to avoid using some fused materials, such as polypropylene, but these added fusing agents must also meet the requirements.

Compared with ordinary plastic tableware, the first advantage of wheat straw tableware is its high temperature resistance and good flexibility. Because the chemical composition of wheat straw tableware itself is relatively small, when these tableware are put in the microwave oven for use, there is no need to worry about producing some harmful substances at high temperature, which is relatively safe. The second advantage is that its production cost is relatively low, because most of the materials of the wheat straw tableware itself are made of some organic substances, such as corn cob, and some sugarcane residues can be used as raw materials of the wheat straw tableware.

The third advantage is degradable, because most of the materials of wheat straw tableware belong to degradable materials. Basically, if the wheat straw tableware is placed in the soil, it will be decomposed in two months, which is safe and environmentally friendly. But it is precisely because of these advantages that wheat straw tableware suddenly burst into red.

However, some unscrupulous merchants just take advantage of the environmental protection advantages of wheat straw tableware and are welcomed and trusted by the people, cutting corners and shoddy. Some goods are labeled with wheat straw, which is actually made of PP material, and even some PP materials do not meet the food requirements at all. Therefore, when purchasing, consumers should choose a brand that is more guaranteed, and don't covet petty gains.

Second, [Is the wheat straw children's tableware good and safe?]

Children are the most important treasures of parents. Parents pay special attention to the safety and health of children, and tableware is something that the baby touches the baby's mouth directly when eating, so the material of children's tableware is very important. I found that many treasure mothers would ask how the children's tableware with wheat straw, which is popular in recent years, is good? Is it safe to use straw for children's tableware? Then let's take a look with me.

The main components of wheat straw are cellulose, hemicellulose, polyuronic acid, lignin, protein, minerals, etc. The children's tableware with wheat straw is not only high temperature resistant, low cost, but also very tough, and does not contain any heavy metal substances, so it is a very good environmental protection product.

Whether the children's tableware made of wheat straw is safe depends on whether the materials used by the manufacturers and the production process meet the standard conditions, because the children's tableware made of wheat straw must be fused by adding some substances, and the fusing agent is usually polypropylene or PET. If it is made according to the food-grade additives stipulated by the national standards in production, the safety is guaranteed.

Wheat straw children's tableware is relatively safe to use. After all, wheat straw children's tableware is very resistant to high temperature, so there is no need to worry about harmful substances at high temperature. The most important thing is that wheat straw children's tableware is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, which is also a big reason why wheat straw children's tableware is very popular in the market.

Third, [Can wheat straw tableware meet high temperature]

Yes, the wheat fiber cup is resistant to high temperature, belongs to natural ingredients, does not contain harmful substances, and will not produce toxins when exposed to high temperature before posture. These straw environment-friendly tableware can resist high temperature and degrade, and there is no pollution to the environment after being discarded.

Fourth, [Is the zero formaldehyde wheat straw tableware really healthy]

Whether it is wheat straw or starch plastic, the existing degradable and environmentally friendly tableware will be mixed with a certain fusing agent. Because starch alone, wheat straw or bagasse, you must add some fusing agents to make tableware directly. Only after this addition can the product be formed. Of course, the level of additives must be food-grade as stipulated by the state. Look at his test report, these are marked on the product. If the zero-formaldehyde wheat straw tableware meets the food standard, it is healthy and there is no problem.

V,[Advantages of Using Wheat Straw Tableware]

Wheat straw tableware smells a faint scent of wheat, as if it were in a wheat field, breathing the breath of nature, returning to nature and originating from the truth.

Natural organic wheat straw material, hot pressing molding, environmental protection and health, and durable, falling from a height is not easy to break.

The shape of wheat straw is fashionable and generous, simple and old-fashioned without losing the sense of design, showing natural primary colors and adding color to life.

High temperature resistance, low cost, biodegradability, good toughness and no heavy metal, which is a good environmental protection product.


Six, [how to choose the rest assured wheat straw tableware]

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