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[Wheat straw tableware] Is wheat straw tableware reliable? Is the wheat straw tableware good?

Jul 15,2023 | shopwithgreen

Whether the wheat straw tableware is good or not, the wheat straw tableware is a new type of degradable environment-friendly tableware which is made of renewable plant straws such as wheat, reed and sugarcane through fiber extraction and pulp-water mixing. So, is this wheat straw tableware reliable? If you want to use wheat straw tableware and don't know much about wheat straw tableware, let's take a look.

First, is the wheat straw tableware good?

The main components of wheat straw are cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, polyuronic acid, protein and minerals, among which the content of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin is as high as 35% ~ 40%. The effective components for producing disposable tableware are cellulose and hemicellulose. Whether wheat straw tableware is good or not can be seen from the aspects of policy support, social significance and market prospect of wheat straw tableware:

  1. Policy support

Wheat straw tableware belongs to the comprehensive utilization of straw, which conforms to the development of national industrial policy and belongs to a new type of science and technology industry. The state clearly and vigorously promotes the comprehensive utilization of straw and encourages and supports the development of more straw tableware enterprises.

  1. Social significance

The production and use of wheat straw tableware not only solves the comprehensive utilization of straw, but also effectively reduces the incineration pollution, which opens a new way for local farmers to earn income and belongs to the sustainable development industry encouraged and advocated by the state.

  1. Market prospect

In addition, the market demand of wheat straw tableware is increasing year by year, especially in Europe and America, which has been widely used in catering, baking, entertainment, art teaching and other fields, and the demand rate is increasing by about 15% every year.

Second, is the wheat straw tableware resistant to high temperature?

Is the wheat straw tableware resistant to high temperature? Wheat straw tableware is resistant to high temperature, and its cost is relatively low, degradable, toughness is good, and it does not contain heavy metals, so it is a good environmental protection product. Also, wheat straw tableware can be put in the microwave oven, which is safe and non-toxic, and there is no need to worry about harmful substances at high temperature. Therefore, treasure moms do not have to worry about toxic substances when put in the microwave oven.

Another advantage of wheat straw tableware is that it can be decomposed by itself when placed in the soil, and it can be integrated with the soil in about 45 days, which is safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and meets the requirements of environmental protection policies. This is also the reason why wheat straw tableware has become popular in recent years.

Experts in the industry said that raw materials such as wheat straw or starch need to be added with some fusing agents if they want to be directly made into tableware. Most of the fusing agents are PP (polypropylene) or PET (which is the same material as a beverage bottle), so that the product can be molded after being added. The difference lies in the amount added, the level of fusion agent added, etc. Of course, the level of additives must be food-grade as stipulated by the state.

Third, is the wheat straw tableware reliable?

Most of the tableware made of wheat straw are cups, bowls, spoons, chopsticks, etc. In appearance, the colors of wheat straw tableware are very uniform, basically light blue, light green, light yellow and light pink. Some online stores with large sales volume only sell tens of thousands of wheat straw cups. So, is the wheat straw tableware reliable? Many disposable tableware made of wheat straw can be physically shaped without adding chemical additives in production, even if a part of fusing agent is added, it must reach the food grade of national standards, so the tableware made of wheat straw is still very reliable.

Four, how to choose the rest assured wheat straw tableware

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